ADC CG-800-DD-FULL-DIN Amplifier

ADC CG-800-DD-FULL-DIN Amplifier

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ADC CG-800-DD-FULL-DIN Tower Top Amplifier DUPLEX 8DB

The ADC CG-800-DD improves signal quality by boosting the uplink signal of a mobile system to increase receiver performance and improve overall coverage.

  • Provides amplification of the Band
  • Highly advanced LNA amplifies RX signal for improved receiver performance and increase in coverage
  • Dual duplex feature reduces the number of feeder cable runs by providing simultaneous operation of TX and RX with low TX loss
  • Full Band feature provides amplification of the entire band
  • Advanced filtering maintains the lowest possible noise figure for improved quality of service
  • Slim, stackable design conserves tower space and reduces tower-related costs
  • Seamless aluminum sleeve construction protects components from the elements
  • Modular system is fully compatible with all base stations
  • Power and alarming for up to six masthead units is provided from a single unit at the base station

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