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ADC FSN-W1-EH-2 Fusion Wideband Expansion Hub

Manufacturer Part Number: FSN-W1-EH-2

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ADC FSN-W1-EH-2 Fusion Wideband Expansion Hub
1900, AWS, 1800 HP, 2100 HP; For 1900/AWS FSN-W1-EH-2383.333333333333

  • Media Transport: Analog
  • Media Converter Connectors: Coaxial
  • Description: Fusion wideband DAS Expansion Unit
  • Downlink: 1930 to 1995 MHz
  • Uplink: 1850 to 1915 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 65 MHz

For the Fusion wideband DAS system; 120VAC operation
Ideal for mid-sized to large installations containing dense, high-traffic environments such as convention centers, sporting arenas and airports. The FSN-W1-EH-2 features an easy-to-deploy Double-star architecture with just three types of components: A Main Hub that receives its radio frequency (RF) signals from a FlexWave Focus system, a base station or a repeater; up to 4- Expansion Hubs that connect to the Main Hub via single-mode or multimode fiber optics; and up to 32- Remote Access Units (RAUs) that connect to the Expansion Hub via CATV cabling. Each RAU sends and receives RF signals to wireless devices located within its coverage area. Administration is web-based.