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ADTRAN 1174819G1 Expansion Module

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ADTRAN NetVanta 8044M with 1174819G1 Expansion ModuleADTRAN 1174819G1 provides the capability to transport up to 8 T1/E1 circuits over a packet switched network using TDM Circuit Emulation (pseudowire) when installed in a NetVanta 8044M. The eight-port 1174819G1 Circuit Emulation Expansion Module allows service providers and enterprise customers to leverage ADTRAN’s experience in developing and deploying pseudowire networks. This can be used in providing a transition path for DS1/E1 legacy services to all-IP services migration.

  • 8-port DS1/E1 PW Service
  • Used with NetVanta 8044M Ethernet Network Termination Device