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Advanced RF Technologies ADRF SDR-30-A AWS RF Module

Manufacturer Part Number: SDR-30-A

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Advanced RF Technologies ADRF SDR-30-A AWS RF Module
1710-2180 MHz, 30 dBm


Introducing the ADRF SDR-30-A AWS RF Module, a powerhouse solution for elevating your wireless communication infrastructure. Designed to meet the demands of the modern era, this module seamlessly integrates with your systems to provide reliable and high-performance AWS connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Advanced AWS Compatibility: The SDR-30-A is tailored to meet the AWS (Amazon Web Services) standards, ensuring seamless integration with cloud-based services and maximizing the potential of your wireless network.
  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Experience lightning-fast data transfer rates, thanks to the cutting-edge technology embedded in the SDR-30-A. Streamline your operations with rapid and efficient communication.
  • Modular Flexibility: The modular design of the SDR-30-A allows for easy integration into existing setups, providing a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Robust Construction: Built with durability in mind, the SDR-30-A is equipped to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance in any setting.

Why Choose ADRF SDR-30-A AWS RF Module?

Seamless AWS Integration:
Maximize the potential of your wireless network by seamlessly integrating with AWS, enabling efficient and secure communication with cloud-based services.

Future-Proof Technology:
Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless connectivity. The SDR-30-A is equipped with future-proof technology to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Scalable and Adaptable:
Whether you’re expanding your network or upgrading your existing setup, the modular flexibility of the SDR-30-A ensures a scalable and adaptable solution for your business.