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Advanced RF Technologies SDR-24-S Modular Digital Repeater

Manufacturer Part Number: SDR-24-P

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Advanced RF Technologies SDR-24-S Modular Digital Repeater
Enhance Your Communication Reach

The next generation of RF repeaters has arrived.
The modular design of Advanced RF Technologies SDR-24 allows for a higher degree of flexible filtering and makes it the ideal solution for today’s in-building coverage needs where voice and data coverage are limited. Digital filtering helps reject adjacent carrier signals.

The user-friendly GUI makes configuring the unit quick and accurate. The SDR supports both local connection via DHCP or remote connection via external wireless modem, allowing for a constant means of monitoring your extended network.

Variable gain and power provide unparalleled performance in any indoor environment. AGC, oscillation detection, and overload shutdown features help maintain your network’s highest level of performance.

Whether you’re in the realm of public safety, enterprise communications, or mission-critical operations, the SDR-24-P is engineered to optimize signal performance and extend your network coverage.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Signal Enhancement: The ADRF SDR-24-P excels in boosting signal strength, ensuring uninterrupted communication in challenging environments.
  • Digital Versatility: With advanced digital repeater technology, this device supports a wide range of digital communication standards, enhancing compatibility across various systems.
  • Reliability at its Core: Built with robust components, the SDR-24-P is engineered for reliability, providing a stable and consistent signal amplification performance.
  • Easy Integration: Effortlessly integrate the repeater into your existing communication infrastructure, thanks to its user-friendly design and comprehensive compatibility.
  • Future-proof modular design for maximum flexibility
  • Modular structure supports quad-band service in one body
  • Supports mixing and matching of various output power levels
  • Support for multiple modules using same technology or frequency band
  • Hot-swappable modules to minimize downtime
  • Channelized digital filtering with sharp roll-off
  • 80 dB of max gain and up to 24 dBm max output power
  • Intuitive and easy to use web-based GUI
  • Support for external wireless modem for remote control and alarming


  • Downlink Frequencies: 851 – 869, 935 – 940 MHz
  • Uplink Frequencies: 806 – 824, 896 – 901 MHz
  • Digitally filtered with sharp roll-off (>65 dBc @ +0.5 MHz from sub-band edge)
  • 80 dB of max gain
  • 24 dBm max output power

Elevate your communication infrastructure with the ADRF SDR-24-P Digital Repeater. Unrivaled signal amplification, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering reliability make it the go-to choice for industries where seamless communication is paramount. Invest in the future of connectivity – invest in the ADRF SDR-24-P.