Amphenol nrg300CB08 Circuit Breaker Panel

Amphenol nrg300CB08 Circuit Breaker Panel

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Amphenol Network Solutions nrg300CB08 325A Dual-Feed Circuit Breaker Panel

nrg300CB08 nrgSMART Circuit Monitoring, 325A Dual-Feed, 8/8 Panel, Vertical Inputs, Output Terminal Blocks

Also see 300CB08: 325A Dual-Feed, 8/8 Panel, Vertical Inputs, Output Terminal Blocks

The Amphenol Network Solutions nrg300CB08 circuit breaker panel is 325A dual-feed and provides 8/8 breaker positions. Amphenol’s nrg300CB08 panels features ±12/±24/±48V operating voltages to serve both legacy and “next-gen” network applications. Engineered into a standard 1RU footprint, each circuit supports up to 60A breakers in each position, providing ample capacity for distribution to a broad range of components. Advanced circuit level monitoring features are available as an option. The panel is available in standard terminal block outputs or connectorized outputs.

This platform provides front access to alarm enable/disable switch configuration for uninstalled breaker locations. Also featured are front LED indicators for power/breaker alarms, monitoring status, rear connections for form C relay alarms, and optional nrgSMART connections. Each of the 325A feeds provide power for up to eight output positions. Field replaceable circuit breakers are available from 5A to 60A per position. The front of the panel features a face plate designed to protect against unintended breaker on or off switching. The panel supports universal voltages (±12VDC to ±48VDC).

Primary Benefits:

  • Universal voltage (±12VDC, ±24VDC and ±48VDC) enables standardization on a single part number for multiple voltages
  • Up to 60A breakers for distribution to a variety of network elements
  • UL and NEBS compliant to ensure industry-standard safety and functional requirements
  • Form C relay contacts provide reliable alarm connections
  • Integrated designation card holder for simple circuit identification
  • Fail alarm LEDs indicate breaker and power failures
  • Clear, flame-retardant polycarbonate cover (94V-0) protects input and output power connections and wiring from damage
  • Either vertical feed inputs and staggered output terminal blocks to facilitate waterfall cable management
  • Optional Individual Circuit Monitoring provides high accuracy, 100% passive monitoring
  • Collect voltage and current for both feed and output circuit
  • Collect temperature using optional nrgTEMP probes
  • Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications and part numbers

The Amphenol Network Solutions 300CB08 has applications in Wireless, Central office, Co-location, Remote sites and Secondary distribution.