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Aviat EEH-06-A252-021

Manufacturer Part Number: EEH-06-A252-021

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Enhance Your Wireless Network with the Aviat EEH-06-A252-021

The Aviat EEH-06-A252-021 is a high-performance split mount microwave radio designed for efficient and reliable wireless communication. Operating in the 11 GHz frequency band, this unit is essential for extending network coverage and improving signal quality in both urban and rural environments.

Key Features:

  • 11 GHz Frequency Band: Provides reliable and high-quality signal transmission in the 11 GHz band.
  • Split Mount Design: Offers flexibility in installation and maintenance, separating the radio unit from the indoor unit.
  • High Performance: Ensures robust signal strength and reliability, suitable for various wireless communication applications.
  • Low-Frequency Transmission: Optimized for low-frequency signal transmission, enhancing network performance.


  • Telecommunications Networks: Ideal for enhancing the backbone of telecom networks, ensuring stable and high-speed data transfer.
  • Enterprise Networks: Suitable for large-scale enterprise environments requiring reliable and efficient wireless communication.
  • Rural and Urban Areas: Provides extended coverage and improved signal quality in both densely populated and remote locations.

Invest in the Aviat EEH-06-A252-021 to enhance your wireless communication network, ensuring high performance and reliability.