C&D Technologies AES 8.0-1600 Battery

Manufacturer Part Number: AES 8.0-1600

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C&D Technologies AES 8.0-1600 Battery
8.0 Volt, 800 A, 182 Amp-Hours

C&D’s Advanced Energy Storage AES 8.0-1600 battery is built to meet the demanding standards of applications that may face extreme temperature, shock, or vibration conditions. Enhanced features such as a rugged case, DCS Technology, and Advanced Nano-Carbon® technology makes the AES ideal choice for renewable energy applications or any application that calls for repetitive cycling.

The AES Series of sealed VRLA AGM batteries feature advanced DCS technology and C&D Nano-Carbon technology for extensive cycle life. The AES series is built around a space efficient and cost effective case that allows for scalable installations.


  • 8.0 Volts, 800 Amps, 182 Amp-Hours
  • Field-proven DCS high density active material for extended cycle life
  • C&D Nano-Carbon® enhanced active material to maximize cycle performance and PSoC operation
  • PSoC Operation allows installation into nearly all cycling applications
  • Improved charging efficiency reduces grid corrasion for longer calendar life
  • 12V Monobloc designs aids installation and handling
  • Rugged polypropylene case and cover for resistance to shock and vibration
  • Removable carrying handles allow installation without specialized lifting equipment
  • AGM construction means no liquid electrolyte, eliminates watering and spills
  • UL Recognized Flame-arresting one-way pressure-relief vent for safety and long life.
  • Over 98% Recyclable

In any application where the battery may face extreme temperature, shock, or vibration conditions, a rugged case is key to maintaining battery performance over time. All AES batteries are encased in a strong propylene case that protects all the battery’s components and ensures that the battery will work day after day in the most demanding environments


  • Remote/Hybrid Sites
  • Cycling Applications
  • Grid Scale Energy Storage
  • Off-Grid/Renewable
  • Communications

Please refer to the Data Sheet for additional specifications.

Data Sheet