ClearComm Technologies CCDP-844 Diplexer

ClearComm Technologies CCDP-844 Diplexer

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ClearComm Technologies CCDP-844 1900 / WCS Diplexer is a three-port, frequency-selective device used to combine/separate different frequency bands. These bands must be separated by a guard band, thus a CCDP-844 Diplexer cannot be used to combine like frequency bands. An example of a Diplexer might be a device that accepts 700 Band on one port and 850 band on the other — with both bands on the Common Port.

  • 1900 / WCS Diplexer
  • Combines 1900 and WCS Bands
    • 1900 (PCS) PORT: 1850 – 2000 MHz
    • 2600 (BRS) PORT: 2495 – 2690 MHz
  • Low Loss / High Isolation
  • Low PIMs -155 dBc
  • Weatherized to IP-67
  • Connectors: 7/16 DIN Female Connectors (Long Neck); Optional: 4.3/10.0, Type ‘N’
  • 6.77″ x 3.68″ x 1.85″ Excluding connectors

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