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ClearComm Technologies CCTF-177 Transmit Filter

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ClearComm Technologies CCTF-177 AWS Transmit Filter provides out-of-band rejection with low loss in a small, cost-effective package, and improves network performance in environments with a highly congested RF spectrum. Network performance is optimized by removing unwanted interference from the system. A strong Interfering signal can raise the noise floor in the Rx band by desensitizing the receiver. The CCTF-177 Transmit Filter will also attenuate unwanted RF interference and remove TX spurious from the down link when interfering with other systems.

  • AWS Transmit Filter
  • Passes Band 4 & 66
  • Passband: 2110 – 2180 MHz
  • Use for Spectrum Clearing
  • Close-In Interference Rejection
  • Weatherization: Per IP-65 (Indoor Use)
  • Connectors: Type ‘N’ Female, Optional SMA
  • 3.9″ x 2.45″ x 2.0″ Excluding connectors