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Commscope 7161214-0004 Rack-Mount Chassis

Manufacturer Part Number: 7161214-0004

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Andrew / Commscope 7161214-0004 Rack-Mount Chassis (RMC)
Optimize Your Network Infrastructure with Commscope’s Versatile Rack-Mount Chassis

Upgrade your network management capabilities with the Commscope 7161214-0004 RMC Rack-Mount Chassis. This reliable and scalable solution is designed to streamline your network operations, providing a robust foundation for your communication infrastructure.

  1. Model: 7161214-0004
  2. w/o Modem
  3. Rack Size: Standard 19-inch rack
  4. Single-user
  5. Space-Efficient Rack Mount Design: The Commscope 7161214-0004 RMC features a compact and space-efficient design, allowing you to maximize your rack space without compromising on performance.
  6. Versatile Configuration Options: Customize your network setup with the versatile configuration options of the RMC chassis. Accommodate various modules and components to meet your specific connectivity needs.
  7. Efficient Cable Management: Say goodbye to cable clutter. The RMC chassis is equipped with a built-in cable management system, ensuring a neat and organized network environment.
  8. Scalable Expansion: Plan for the future with the RMC’s scalable design. Easily expand your network infrastructure by adding additional modules and components as your business grows.
  9. Material: Durable and high-quality construction