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Commscope 7679145-0001 ION-M Remote Unit

Manufacturer Part Number: 7679145-0001

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Commscope 7679145-0001 ION-M 7P/17HP Remote Unit
for cellular systems

Upgrade your network performance with the CommScope 7679145-0001 ION-M7P/17HP Remote Unit. Designed for efficiency and reliability, this remote unit is a powerful solution for modern communication infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • ION-M7P-17HP
  • 2 ANT. PORTS
  • High Performance: Experience top-tier performance with advanced technology, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal network operation.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a range of systems, the ION-M7P/17HP Remote Unit adapts to various network configurations, offering flexibility in deployment.
  • Remote Management: Easily monitor and manage your network remotely, enhancing control and reducing maintenance efforts.
  • Reliable Connectivity: Trust in stable and secure connectivity, critical for the demands of today’s communication networks.


  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Enterprise Networking