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CommScope FlexWave Prism

Manufacturer Part Number: FlexWave Prism

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CommScope FlexWave Prism
Flexible Outdoor Wireless Coverage and Capacity
FlexWave Prism Bracket Available

The FlexWave Prism is the most flexible, scalable, and complete solution for addressing coverage and capacity needs for current and emerging wireless networks. The industries first combination of DAS and RRH products, the Prism improves wireless network coverage and capacity by extending services from existing cell sites, to hard-to-reach areas by distributing coverage from a centralized radio suite.

The CommScope FlexWave Prism is a popular distributed antenna system (DAS) that is used to enhance cellular coverage and capacity in buildings and other indoor environments. There are several reasons why the FlexWave Prism is popular:

High performance: The FlexWave Prism is designed to provide excellent signal quality and coverage, even in challenging indoor environments with high levels of interference and other RF issues.

Scalability: The system is highly scalable and can be easily expanded or upgraded to meet changing needs or increased demand for cellular coverage and capacity.

Flexibility: The FlexWave Prism supports multiple frequency bands and technologies, including 4G LTE, 5G, and CBRS, making it a versatile solution that can meet the needs of a wide range of indoor environments and use cases.

Ease of deployment: The system is designed for easy installation and configuration, which can help reduce deployment time and costs.

Future-proofing: The FlexWave Prism is designed to support future cellular technologies and bands, which can help ensure that the system will remain relevant and useful for years to come.

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