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Commscope FWP-A416000MOD

Manufacturer Part Number: FWP-A416000MOD

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Enhance your wireless infrastructure with the CommScope FWP-A416000MOD, a 20W AWS 2100 RF Module designed for the FlexWave Prism DAS. This module provides superior signal strength and coverage, making it ideal for improving wireless communication in large venues, office buildings, and other complex environments.

The FWP-A416000MOD is engineered to deliver high-performance signal amplification, ensuring reliable connectivity and enhanced user experience. Its compatibility with AWS frequency bands allows for seamless integration into existing network systems, providing a scalable solution to meet growing wireless communication needs.

Key Features:

  • 20W Output Power: Ensures robust signal strength and extended coverage.
  • AWS 2100 Frequency Band: Supports efficient data transmission and communication.
  • Non-Diversity Module: Simplifies installation and maintenance while ensuring high performance.
  • High-Density Module (HDM): Optimizes space utilization within the FlexWave Prism system.


  • Indoor Wireless Networks: Ideal for improving wireless coverage in office buildings, stadiums, and large public venues.
  • Scalable Network Solutions: Supports growing communication demands with flexible deployment options.

Investing in the CommScope FWP-A416000MOD will enhance your network’s performance, providing reliable and high-capacity wireless communication for diverse applications.