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CommScope Hybrid Cable 760250285

Manufacturer Part Number: 760250285

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CommScope Hybrid Cable 760250285| P-004-DS-HY-8W-F29YL/2X12AWG – TeraSPEED Plenum Hybrid Distribution Cable, 4 simplex single fiber, 2 conductor 12 AWG

Product Classification

Regional Availability North America
Portfolio CommScope®
Product Type Hybrid cable, copper and fiber
Product Brand TeraSPEED®

General Specifications

Cable Type Distribution | Hybrid | Stranded indoor
Conductor Type, singles Stranded
Conductors, quantity 4
Construction Type Non-armored
Fiber Short Description P-001-SP29
Subunit Type Gel-free
Filler, quantity 0
Jacket Color Yellow
Subunit Jacket Color Yellow
Subunit, quantity 4
Fibers per Subunit, quantity 1
Total Fiber Count 4


Buffer Tube/Subunit Diameter 2.794 mm | 0.11 in
Diameter Over Jacket 10.668 mm | 0.42 in
Jacket Thickness 0.762 mm | 0.03 in
Conductor Gauge 12 AWG

Electrical Specifications

Conductor dc Resistance 5.413 ohms/km | 1.65 ohms/kft