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CommScope JAHH-45B-R3B Base Station Antenna

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CommScope JAHH-45B-R3B 8-port sector antenna, 2x 698–798, 2x 824-894 and 4x 1695–2360 MHz, 45° HPBW, low bands each have a RET and the high bands share a RET. Two internal SBTs.

  • Internal SBT on low and high band allow remote RET control from the radio over the RF jumper cable
  • One RET for 700MHz, one RET for 850MHz, and one RET for both high bands to ensure same tilt level for 4x Rx or 4x MIMO
  • Internal filter on low band and interleaved dipole technology providing for attractive, low wind load mechanical package
  • Separate RS-485 RET input/output for low and high band
  • Narrow beamwidth capacity antenna for higher level of densification and enhanced data throughput
  • Antenna Type: Sector
  • JAHH-45B-R3B Multiband Antenna - TempestPolarization: ±45°
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Band: Multiband
  • Total Input Power, maximum: 800 W @ 50°C
  • Operating Frequency Band: 698 – 798 MHz | 824 – 894 MHz | 1695 – 2360 MHz
  • Radome Material: Fiberglass, UV resistant
  • RF Connector Interface: 4.3-10 Female
  • RF Connectors: High/Low/Total: 4, 4, 8
  • Width/Length/Depth: 457 mm, 1829 mm, 178 mm