CommScope NNH4-65B-R6H4 Base Station Antenna

CommScope NNH4-65B-R6H4 Base Station Antenna

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CommScope NNH4-65B-R6H4 12-port sector antenna, 4x 698–896 and 8x 1695–2360 MHz, 65° HPBW, 6x RET.

  • Features broadband Low Band (698-896 MHz) and High Band (1695-2360 MHz) arrays for 4T4R (4X MIMO) capability for Band 14, AWS, PCS and WCS applications
  • Non-stacked high band array design provides higher gain and narrower vertical beamwidth than traditional antenna designs
  • Independent tilt for all arrays
  • Array configuration provides capability for 4T4R (4x MIMO) on Low band and Dual 4T4R (4x MIMO) on High band
  • Optimized SPR performance across all operating bands
  • Excellent wind loading characteristics
  • Supports re-configurable antenna sharing capability enabling control of the internal RET system using up to two separate RET compatible OEM radios
  • NNH4-65B-R6H4 Multiband Antenna - TempestAntenna Type: Sector
  • Polarization: ±45°
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Band: Multiband
  • Operating Frequency Band: 698 – 896 MHz | 1695 – 2360 MHz
  • Total Input Power, maximum: 900 W @ 50°C
  • Radome Material: Fiberglass, UV resistant
  • RF Connector Interface: 4.3-10 Female
  • RF Connectors: High/Low/Total: 8, 4, 12
  • Width/Length/Depth: 498 mm, 1828 mm, 197 mm
  • ROHS: Compliant/Exempted

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