CommScope R2V4PX306R Multiport Antenna

CommScope R2V4PX306R Multiport Antenna

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CommScope R2V4PX306R 12-port sector antenna, 4x 698–960 and 8x 1710–2690 MHz, 65° HPBW, 6x RET with manual override. Bands cascaded SRET (Antenna 1 and Antenna 2).

  • Antenna Type: Sector
  • Polarization: ±45°
  • Band: Multiband
  • RF Connector Interface: 7-16 DIN Female
  • RF Connector Quantity, high band/Low band/Total: 8, 4, 12
  • Width/Length/Depth: 641 mm, 1607 mm, 244 mm

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