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CommScope TPOI85/17/19E RF Point of Interface

Manufacturer Part Number: TPOI85/17/19E

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CommScope ION®-B Series: High-Performance Multiband Solution for In-Building Cellular Coverage


CommScope TPOI85/17/19E ION-B® Series Multiband RF Point of Interface
For Cell 850, AWS, and PCS 1900 Extended

Strengthen your in-building cellular signal with the CommScope ION®-B Series Multiband RF Point of Interface. This innovative solution delivers reliable and efficient signal distribution for a variety of cellular networks, including AWS, Cellular 850, and PCS 1900 Extended.

Key Features:

  • Multiband Support: Supports a wide range of frequencies, ensuring compatibility with most cellular carriers. (Mention specific bands like AWS 1700, PCS 1900 Extended, and Cellular 850 for targeted SEO).
  • Enhanced Coverage: Improves cellular reception throughout your building, eliminating dead zones and dropped calls.
  • Passive Design: Provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Scalable Architecture: Easily adapts to meet the growing needs of your network.

Ideal for:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitality venues
  • And any location requiring strong in-building cellular coverage

The ION®-B Series offers a user-friendly design for simple installation and configuration.

Electrical Specifications

Impedance50 ohm
License BandAWS | CEL 850 | PCS 1900 Extended

Electrical Specifications, Tx (Downlink)

Operating Frequency Band1930 – 1995 MHz (PCS 1900 Extended) | 2110 – 2155 MHz (AWS 1700)