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Corning RIU-12-CNDTR-AWS Radio Interface Unit

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Corning RIU-12-CNDTR-AWS BTS/BDA 2100 MHz Conditioner for RIU-12 chassis, 0 to +36 dBm input range.

Radio Interface Unit (RIU) – The RIU conditions the radio frequency

(RF) downlink (DL) signals from an operator’s signal source base

transceiver station (BTS) or bidirectional amplifier (BDA) located

inside the building. The RIU then custom tunes incoming signals to

ensure a constant level of RF before signals are passed to/from the

base unit. The RIU is available in three versions: RIU-IM (supports up

to three services), RIU-4 (supports up to four services), and the RIU-

12 (supports up to 12 services).