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Corning RIU-BTSC-AWS Conditioner, +10 to +36 dBm Input Range.

The Quad-Band Radio Interface Unit (RIU-4) provides

a scalable, cost-effective solution for adjusting the RF

signal source from a number of host base-transceiver

stations (BTS) or bi-directional amplifiers (BDA)

and feeding the conditioned RF signals to Corning

MobileAccess DAS coverage systems.

The RIU-4’s scalable design is ideal for large

deployments, and can easily expand to support

operator’s long-term needs. Each RIU-4 unit can

support up to four cellular services in a stand-alone

mode, whereas additional different services/bands (up

to 6) can be supported when two units are connected

in a Master/Slave configuration. Each unit supports up

to four 4-port Base Units (or two 8-port Base Units),

whereas additional Base Units (up to four 4-port or two

8-port Base Units) can be supported when utilizing the

Expansion Kit.

Remote control and monitoring is provided through a

System Controller (SC-450) connection, and enables

adjusting the RF input power level from the BTS or

BDA to the system and configuring the Automatic Gain

Control (AGC) function to ensure a constant level of

RF input to the system. Controlling Uplink RF signal is

facilitated as well to provide UL Noise level reduction

when necessary