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Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 Rack Server

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The Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 Rack Server is an accelerator-optimized, 1U rack server designed for most demanding workloads. It is ideal for cognitive workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and for technical computing in industry verticals such as financial services, life sciences, High Performance Computing (HPC) and oil and gas exploration.

Designed for the most demanding cognitive and technical computing
Give challenging cognitive computing workloads what they need with this high-density, accelerator-optimized server. The PowerEdge C4140 provides maximum density and outstanding thermal efficiency for scale-out performance. Speed up your applications with four GPUs/FPGAs in a 1U, 2-socket package.

Increase performance with flexible accelerator technology

The PowerEdge C4140 is an incredibly dense rack server designed to handle the most demanding technical computing workloads in financial services, life sciences, machine and deep learning, oil and gas exploration, and high-performance computing (HPC).

Gain productivity with intelligent, embedded management

Dell EMC OpenManage intelligent automation enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance so you can focus on business-critical priorities.

  • Help maximize uptime and reduce the IT effort to resolve issues by up to 72%* with ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist
  • Leverage existing management consoles with easy integrations for VMware vSphere, Microsoft® System Center and Nagios
  • Improve productivity with agent-free Dell EMC iDRAC9 for automated management
  • Simplify deployment with OpenManage next-generation console and server profiles to configure and prep servers rapidly and scalably

Artificial Intelligence focused, ultra-dense, 4 GPU, 2 socket, 1U rack server

The C4140 is the industry’s leading accelerator-optimized, ultra-dense server platform. It handles the most demanding cognitive and technical computing workloads. The C4140 delivers un-throttled performance with its unique interleaved GPU design and no-compromise acceleration technology. Dell EMC offers pre-configured Ready Bundles for Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications and empowers enterprises to easily adopt and quickly deploy their Cognitive and HPC solutions using Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140. For low latency, high performance applications such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Financial, the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 is the right fit.

Innovative management with intelligent automation

The Dell EMC OpenManage systems management portfolio enables peak efficiency for PowerEdge servers, through intelligent, automated management of routine IT tasks. Combined with the unique, agent-free management capabilities of the embedded iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller, the C4140 is effortlessly managed, freeing up your time for high profile projects.

Additional PowerEdge C4140 Rack Server features and benefits:
(Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications and additional information.)

  • Workload: AI, ML, DL (including training)
  • Memory: 4 (64 GB)
  • Two 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor
  • Features the latest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors at 165W thermal design power (TDP)
  • The C4140 delivers un-throttled performance with its unique interleaved GPU design and no-compromise acceleration technology
  • Supports up to 300W per accelerator card
  • Protect server configuration and firmware from malicious changes with new Configuration Lock-down
  • Automate updates that check file dependencies and proper update sequence, before deploying them independently from the OS/hyperviso
  • Rely on a secure component supply chain to ensure protection from factory to the data center
  • Wipe all data from storage media including hard drives, SSDs and system memory quickly and securely with System Erase