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Emerson NetSure R24-2500 Rectifier Module

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Rectifier, 105A +24 V DC, 2500W

The R24-2500 rectifier converts 90 to 275V AC supply voltages of standard frequency into stable nominal +24 VDC voltage that is adjustable to the needs of the application.

The R24-2500 is a constant power type rectifier designed with the latest patented switch mode technology using DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) functionality for efficient operation. For a larger load capacity, the rectifier can be connected in parallel and intelligent controls can be added with the help of separate controllers.

  • High power density: up to 7.5k Win a 1U high, 19-inch shelf, and 10kW in a 1U high 23-inch shelf
  • Temperature-controlled cooling fan
  • Full power 2500 W at +24 V output
  • High efficiency up to 91%
  • Hot-swappable: makes rectifier removal and installation easy
  • Zone 4 seismic, NEBS level 3 certified
  • Compliant with global standards