Ericsson KRC161563/1 Transceiver/Radio 2217

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Ericsson KRC161563/1 Transceiver/Radio 2217

A multi-standard remote radio forming part of the Ericsson RBS (Radio Base Station) equipment. The Radio 2217 provides radio access for mobile and fixed devices and is designed for the outdoor environment. The radio unit deployment is intended for pole, wall or mast mounted options for co-location near the antenna. A fiber optic interface provides the RRU/RBS control and digital interface between the radio and the RBS.

  • Antenna ports: 2 TX/RX Ports
  • IBW: LTE 1/4/3 MHz Tx 20 MHz; LTE 5/10/20MHz Tx 40 Mhz; WCDMA Tx: 40 MHz; Rx 60 MHz