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Ericsson KRC161630/3 Radio 2212

Manufacturer Part Number: KRC161630/3 Radio 2212

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Ericsson KRC161630/3 Radio 2212

Frequency Bands:

Multi-band support to enhance flexibility and compatibility with various network standards.
Output Power:


Power Consumption:

Optimized for low energy usage, contributing to cost-effective operations and sustainability.

Dimensions and Weight:

Compact design for easy installation and space-saving benefits.
Specific dimensions and weight details are typically found in the datasheet.

Operating Temperature Range:

Built to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse settings.


Supports high data throughput and rapid data transfer speeds.
Advanced signal processing for improved signal quality and reduced interference.


Robust construction to ensure long-term operation in harsh outdoor environments.

Seamless compatibility with Ericsson’s network solutions, facilitating easy upgrades and network expansions.