Exalt 202501 EX-6i-DS3-GigE Microwave Radio

Exalt 202501 EX-6i-DS3-GigE Microwave Radio

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Exalt 202501-0021050 EX-6i-DS3 GigE with Diplexer 6L

All-Indoor, Carrier-Class, Upgradeable Licensed Band Trunk Radio Systems for Medium and High Capacity TDM and Ethernet Backhaul Applications

The Exalt EX-6i-DS3-GigE all-indoor microwave radio systems can deliver up to 1 Gbps full-duplex capacity through aggregation of multiple radios over ranges exceeding 20 miles. They are the first in the world to include a semi-protected, 1.5+0 protection configuration as well as a host of advanced features designed to enhance capacity, range, availability and reliability.

Featuring multiple transmit power options, native TDM and native Ethernet transport and full software configurability and upgradeability, the EX-6i-DS3-GigE systems are designed to meet demanding requirements of mobile operators, wireline carriers, utilities, railroads and other organizations with long haul, high capacity transport requirements.

The EX-6i-DS3-GigE radio systems are designed to meet the needs of organizations that:

  • Must upgrade their backhaul to support migration to LTE or TDM to IP;
  • Are replacing or upgrading existing all-indoor 6 GHz microwave radio equipment;
  • Need to deploy radio systems in locations where weather dictates the use of all-indoor equipment;
  • Prefer not to deploy active electronics on a tower; and/or
  • Require ready access to the physical interfaces.