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GALAXY 595A3 Switchmode Rectifier

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The GALAXY 595A3 Switchmode Rectifier provides highest quality dc power for telecommunications and data processing systems and their batteries.

The GALAXY 595A3 Switchmode Rectifier converts ac input voltage into the dc voltage level required to power end user equipment. It also provides precise regulation, which is required to maximize battery life.

Compact, Power-Packed

Lineage Power’s revolutionary technology packs ever-greater power into ever-shrinking packages. The result is a rectifier that packs more power per cubic inch, weighs substantially less, requires

minimal maintenance, and frees up valuable floor space.

Optimum Power Usage

Functionally, the first conversion stage incorporates a new, high-efficiency topology with low-loss switching to generate a high-voltage intermediate bus from a three-wire, three-phase input ac source. This technology enables direct conversion of voltages up to 480 Vac nominal. The bus transfers power to the switching bridge, dc-dc second stage.

  • Nominal Voltage, Three-Phase: 380 Vac/400 Vac/480 Vac, 3-wire plus ground
  • Voltage Limit, Steady State: 320 Vac to 530 Vac
  • Frequency: 47 Hz to 63 Hz
  • Output: 42 Vdc to 58 Vdc
  • High power density
  • High efficiency, Low THD
  • Wide ac input range
  • Plug-in interface
  • Digital load sharing