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GALAXY 595LTA Switchmode Rectifier

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GALAXY 595LTA Switchmode Rectifier integrates the latest switchmode technology with superior power, protection, and control features in a compact, cost-efficient power-conversion system.

Designed as a key element in the Lineage Power GALAXY Power System 4848/100 Battery Plant, the 595LTA Rectifier converts ac input voltage into the dc voltage level required to power end-user equipment. It also provides precise regulation, which is required to maximize battery life. In addition, the rectifier can be used to form or recondition batteries.

  • Input: 320– 530 Vac
  • Output: 44 – 58Vdc float/boost (52 vdc Nominal)
  • High power density
  • High efficiency
  • Low THD
  • Wide ac input range
  • Plug-in interface
  • Digital load sharing