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JMA Wireless PowerBoost Controller

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JMA Wireless PowerBoostJMA Wireless PowerBoost — An Intelligent Solution

The JMA Wireless PowerBoost Controller is a cost-efficient solution that allows operators to expand tower capacity with RRHs while leveraging the existing power cable infrastructure. Its innovative intelligence monitors the radio power load, automatically boosting the amount of DC voltage to the RRHs to ensure the most efficient power delivery. With intelligent boosting, operators can add high power RRHs to support the growing demands of 5G and avoid additional, costly infrastructure.

Power regulator that Eliminates Need for New power Cabling

PowerBoost significantly reduces expansion time, cabling costs and incremental tower loading:

Operationally Efficient:

  • A smart, plug and play controller eliminates manual calibration while providing a simple touch screen interface
  • With intelligent boosting, power adjustments happen automatically to ensure maximum efficiency regardless of tower height and radio load

Smallest Footprint

  • Up to 33% smaller than alternative solutions, PowerBoost offers the smallest footprint, saving both rack space and breaker positions
  • Eliminates tower space and load issues caused by deploying additional hybrid cables

Lowest Capital/Operational Costs

  • Existing tower infrastructure can be leveraged to satisfy growing wireless demands
  • Up to eight radios can be powered from two RUs (16 RRHs from three RUs), significantly reducing power cabling costs and installation time