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Juniper Networks MX10016 Universal Routing Platform

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Juniper Networks

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Service providers, cloud operators, and enterprises are making infrastructure investments today that pave the way for digital transformation, elevating user experience and driving customer relevance. These network enhancements also serve to ensure performance, versatility, software freedom, efficiency, and agility—all at scale.

To achieve these goals and succeed in their hypercompetitive markets, operators need a universal routing platform that addresses all future demands, such as 5G, IoT, multicloud, residential, and home-grown applications and services, plus investment protection for any emerging technology. Our MX10008 and MX10016 Universal Routing Platforms deliver all this and more.

The MX10008 and MX10016 provide performance that scales with services, a cloud optimization form factor, and superior cost-per-bit economics. They offer unprecedented use-case versatility across WAN, data center, and enterprise deployments by standardizing operations, resulting in 65 percent OpEx savings.

The MX10008 and MX10016 can be deployed to build out edge architecture for converged mobility, IoT, businesses, and cable environments. They can also be used in converged core architectures, optimizing the label-switching router (LSR), provider edge, Internet peering, and backbone applications for national or regional deployments.

Powered by purpose-built Trio silicon, the MX10008 and MX10016 scale to 19.2 and 38.4 Tbps of throughput respectively, delivering the capacity you need for long-term investment protection. They also have near endless data plane programmability, giving you the freedom to implement any new network innovation the future holds.

Choose from two configurable MX10000 universal chassis models:

MX10008 delivers unprecedented performance in a 13 U form factor. It supports 19.2 Tbps per chassis, or 57.6 Tbps per standard 19-inch telco rack, and up to 192 100GbE interfaces, 192 40GbE ports, or 768 10GbE ports in a single chassis.

MX10016 is designed for ultra-high capacity operations in a 21 U form factor. It supports 38.4 Tbps per chassis, or 76.8 Tbps per standard 19-inch telco rack, and up to 384 100GbE, 384 40GbE, or 1536 10GbE ports.

MX10016 Features

High Scale and Density

Provides 2.4 Tbps (24 x 100GbE) capacity per slot and supports up to 96 10GbE, 24 40GbE, or 24 100GbE interfaces per slot.

Investment Protection

Offers cloud-grade, future-ready scale for long-term traffic and services growth.

Use-Case Versatility

Supports all current requirements in an innovative universal chassis design, and prepares you for future ones across service provider, enterprise, network security, and data center deployments.

Power Efficient

Provides advanced power-saving features in a small form factor to help contain OpEx and deliver exceptional efficiency.

Nonstop Service Availability

Combines support for the carrier-grade Junos operating system with a fully redundant architecture or nonstop service availability under any network conditions.