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Juniper Networks MX2020 Universal Routing Platform

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Juniper Networks

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The SDN-ready MX2020 Universal Routing Platform is the industry’s highest-capacity edge router. It delivers 80 Tbps of system capacity and supports up to 800 100GbE interfaces, 320 200GbE interfaces, or 160 400GbE interfaces in a single chassis when used with the Modular Port Concentrator 11E (MPC11E) line card.

Ultra-high performance and density make the MX2020 ideal for a wide variety of edge, core, and converged edge and core applications, including business VPNs, next-generation broadband multiplay, and high-volume Internet and data center internetworking. Additionally, the MX2020 supports sophisticated timing and virtualization capabilities that meet the stringent requirements of mobile services.

The MX2020 provides the highest levels of network availability and a comprehensive set of resiliency features that include N+1 fabric redundancy, control plane redundancy, N+N power feed redundancy, and N+1 power supply module redundancy. In addition, Virtual Chassis technology supports chassis-level redundancy while enabling you to manage two routers as a single element.

MX2020 Features

High Scale and Density

Provides 80 Tbps of system capacity and support for up to 800 100GbE interfaces, 320 200GbE interfaces, or 160 400GbE interfaces.

Nonstop Service Availability

Combines support for the carrier-grade Junos operating system, with a fully redundant architecture for uninterrupted service availability under any network conditions.

Broad Range of Applications

Addresses core, edge, and converged edge and core applications with its ultra-high density and performance; applications include residential and business services, Data Center Interconnect, SDN gateway, services routing, and many others.

Long-Term Investment Protection

Delivers outstanding scale for long-term traffic growth as well as an upgrade path for existing MX Series users, with support for the same MPCs as the MX2010, MX2008, MX960, MX480, and MX240 Universal Routing Platforms.

Advanced Power Design

Power-saving features on the MX2020 help contain OpEx and maintain exceptional efficiency.

Simple Hardware Upgrades

Allows you to introduce new hardware into the MX2020 platform without having to upgrade Junos OS, preventing costly downtime.