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Leoch Battery PLH170FT(A)

Manufacturer Part Number: PLH170FT(A)

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Leoch PLH170FT(A)
PLH Series Battery (12V, 170Ah)

PLH-Pure Lead Long Standby Life

Pure Lead used to optimize the high rate and float life. Punched continuous grid strip – better metal crystal structure, High Temperature Curing for Standby application to improve cycling ability.

  • 12V, 170Ah
  • Maximum discharge: 2040A
  • 22.01″ (L) x 4.92″ (W) x 12.60″ (H)
  • M6 Terminal
  • Long float life for telecommunication applications
  • High-rate performance, high energy density
  • Premium ABS+PC jar & covers, Flame Retardant to UL94 V-0
  • High quality AGM separators minimize electrical resistance to allow high current discharging properties
  • A design life up to 20 years with Pure Lead-Thin Plate and punching technologies
  • Unique vent valve design minimizes water loss and prevents air and spark going inside
  • Maintenance free with oxygen recombination technology


  • Telecommunication
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Electric Power System (EPS)
  • Emergency backup power supply
  • Emergency lighting
  • Railway signal
  • Aircraft signal
  • Alarm and security system
  • Electronic apparatus and equipment
  • Communication power supply
  • DC power supply
  • Auto control system

PLH series batteries can be stored up to 24 months at 25°C (77°F), For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.

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