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Microlab BL-14N CDMA 800 Duplexer

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BL-14N CDMA Duplexer for CDMA 800 Frequencies

Microlab BL-14N Duplexer allows combination and separation of the Tx and Rx signals in a duplex CDMA 800 signal. Units provide high isolation, and low insertion loss. Attention to mechanical design, ensures low loss, and high reliability.

  • Connector: Type N (f)
  • Combines or Splits Tx and Rx Signals for CDMA 800 Systems with High Isolation
  • 800 CDMA: Tx 869-894 R x 824-849
  • <-153 dBc specified PIM
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Up to 60W power on Tx
  • High Reliability
  • RoHS Compliant
  • N connectors