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Motorola Astro-TAC 3000 Comparator

Manufacturer Part Number: TAC 3000

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Motorola Astro-TAC 3000 Comparator T5770A

The ASTRO-TAC 3000 comparator processes data collected from multiple receivers to create the best possible transmission signal in multi-cast and Simulcast systems. One comparator is required for each group of receivers on a single RF frequency of a voting system. The ASTRO-TAC 3000 comparator complies with Project 25 standards, delivering exceptional interoperability, and works in both analog and P25 systems.

  • Up to 64 base stations on the same channel, greatly expanding the total coverage area
  • Up to 2 Digital Interface Units allowing the ability for dual dispatch support with prioritization
  • Sophisticated voting algorithms help enhance received audio quality in weak signal areas by selecting and mixing inputs from multiple receivers
  • Compatible with Motorola stations and receivers designed to meet Project 25
  • Supports voting, multi-cast, and simulcast of ASTRO digital voice, data, and control signals in conventional systems (Simulcast configurations require a one pulse per second absolute time reference input from a local GPS receiver)
  • Integrated software design allows features and system configurations to be selected by simply ordering the appropriate software options
  • Software intensive design allows for system migration and feature upgrades via software download
  • Radio Service Software (RSS) Programming and built-in diagnostics aid testing and trouble shooting

Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications.

Data Sheet