Motorola STR 3000 Digital Base Radio

Motorola STR 3000 Digital Base Radio

Manufacturer Part Number: STR 3000

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Motorola STR 3000 Pre-packaged Digital Base Radio
Pre-packaged Digital Base Radio Sub-System

The Motorola STR 3000 provides the transmit/receive operation within the ASTRO 25 sub-system and is compatible with Project 25 700 MHz and 800 MHz trunking systems. Its components include 1 to 6 base radios, multicoupler(s), combiner, isolator and cabling in a single cabinet. The STR 3000 is easily configured to meet your needs for improved productivity, flexibility and value.

  • Motorola str-3000Compact Modular Design
    The base radio incorporates a modular construction with separate modules for –48VDC Input Power Supply, Exciter, Power Amplifier, Receiver and Base Radio Controller, allowing modules to be removed and serviced without having to dismantle the entire cabinet.
  • Added Flexibility
    Several configurations are available. The STR 3000 supports a total of 6 base radios in a cabinet. Up to 24 base radios can be supported on one RX antenna and up to 12 base radios on one TX antenna. Each site can have five STR 3000 sub-systems for a total of 30 base radios in a site. Customers can add expansion racks and additional base radios for site expandability.
  • Advanced features
    The Simulcast and Site Repeater Base Radios are FLASHport® capable, allowing an upgrade the Base Radio software utilizing the site software download utility — eliminating the need to upgrade each radio individually. The 700 MHz Conventional Base Radios are FLASHport capable as well.

    Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications.

Data Sheet