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Nokia 7750 SR-12e Service Router

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Nokia 7750 SR-12e Service Router: IP edge router for the 5G and cloud era

The Nokia 7750 SR-12e, one of the family of 7750 Series of IP routers, delivers high-performance routing. It delivers the scale, comprehensive features and platform versatility needed to stay ahead of the evolving service demands driven by 5G, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).

7750 Series service router features and benefits: Please refer to Data Sheet for model-specific specifications.

High-performance routing

  • System capacity with FP4 3.0 Tb/s (HD): 27 Tb/s (non-redundant); 21.6 Tb/s (redundant)
  • Slot capacity with FP4 3.0 Tb/s (FD): 1.5 Tb/s (non-redundant); 1.2 Tb/s (redundant)
  • Slot capacity with iFIFO and FP4 3.0 Tb/s (FD): 4.0 Tb/s
  • Number of MDA-e/ MDA-e-XP/MDA/ ISA2 adapters: 18
  • Number of IOMs/IMMs/ISMs: 9
  • Scales system capacity and has the flexibility to optimize any network location
  • Leverages the Nokia FP4 network processor to provide deterministic packet forwarding performance at scale, even when processing-intensive operations are required
  • Provides high-density Gigabit Ethernet (GE), 10GE, 40GE, 100GE and 400GE interfaces with flexible optical breakout and pay-as-you-grow licensing options

Comprehensive capabilities

  • Addresses the full spectrum of IP routing requirements with extensive IP/MPLS, QoS, segment routing and SDN capabilities enabled by our feature-rich and highly robust SR OS
  • Supports advanced telemetry models to stream flow-level data and insights in near-real time for network automation and DDoS security
  • Provides highly available service delivery mechanisms that maximize network stability and minimize service interruptions

Platform versatility

  • Addressing the full range of routing roles on a common platform with extensible SR OS software licensing
  • The resources of the Nokia Extended Services Appliance (ESA) extends specialized packet processing for deeper levels application capabilities and greater processing scale
  • Accommodates Ethernet port expansion and maximizes port efficiency through Nokia 7210 SAS-S-series satellite systems

Security by design

  • Comprehensive router control, data and management plane protection
  • IPSec and MACsec support for transport security
  • Advanced DDoS mitigation implemented within our FP4-based routers

SDN integration and automation

  • Enables multivendor SDN control Integration through OpenFlow, PCEP, and model driven network element management through CLI, NETCONF and gRPC/gNMI using YANG models
  • Works with the Network Services Platform to unify service automation and network optimization across the IP, MPLS, Ethernet, and optical transport layers