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Raycap RSCAC-1333-PH-240-A

Manufacturer Part Number: RSCAC-1333-PH-240-A

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Secure Your Network with the Raycap RSCAC-1333-PH-240-A

The Raycap RSCAC-1333-PH-240-A is an essential component for safeguarding telecommunications equipment, providing robust surge protection and reliable power disconnection. This unit integrates Raycap’s patented Strikesorb® surge protection technology, which is capable of handling significant surge currents, thus ensuring continuous and reliable operation of your network.

Key Features:

  • Surge Protection: Utilizes Strikesorb® 30-A-2CHV modules, capable of withstanding induced surge currents up to 60kA (8/20) and direct lightning environments up to 5kA.
  • Voltage Compatibility: Supports 120/240V AC, making it versatile for various power configurations.
  • High Capacity: Equipped with a 60A main breaker and space for up to 12 circuits, allowing extensive power management capabilities.
  • Durable Design: IP68 and NEMA 6&6P ratings ensure robust performance in harsh environmental conditions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Ease of Access: Features an internal disconnect with a removable lid secured by thumb screws for easy access and maintenance.


  • Telecommunications: Ideal for protecting small cell sites and other telecom equipment from electrical surges.
  • Commercial Buildings: Provides reliable surge protection for critical infrastructure in commercial settings.
  • Industrial Environments: Suitable for use in various industrial applications where robust surge protection and power management are required.

The Raycap RSCAC-1333-PH-240-A ensures your network equipment is protected from electrical surges, offering peace of mind and enhancing the reliability of your network operations.