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Raycap Strikesorb 40-A Surge Protector

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AC Protection: Raycap Strikesorb 40 Surge Protective Devices

Strikesorb 40-V1Strikesorb 40-AStrikesorb 40-BStrikesorb 40-CStrikesorb 40-DStrikesorb 40-EStrikesorb 40-FStrikesorb 40-G

Strikesorb 40 surge protection devices are Class I SPDs per IEC 61643-11 designed to protect mission-critical applications from lightning surges and other voltage events. Even in the most lightning prone environments, Strikesorb 40 surge suppressor modules are capable of absorbing and dissipating the extreme energy of lightning strikes without degradation to the module. Suitable for wind turbine surge protection as well as other installations.


  • 60V: Strikesorb 40-V1
  • 120V: Strikesorb 40-A
  • 240V: Strikesorb 40-B
  • 277V: Strikesorb 40-C
  • 400V: Strikesorb 40-D
  • 480V: Strikesorb 40-E
  • 600V: Strikesorb 40-F
  • 1,000V: Strikesorb 40-G

Strikesorb Features & Benefits

  • Maintenance-free surge suppressor
  • Ultra-high short circuit current rating
  • Low let-through voltage, optimum protection level
  • Safeguards critical equipment integrity
  • Easy to install, requires no additional fuses
  • Integrates into most applications
  • Long life cycle, can take thousands of surges without failure or aging
  • Won’t burn, smoke, explode
  • 10 year warranty
  • Strong quality controls during manufacturing
  • 100% of Strikesorb modules are thoroughly electrically tested prior to leaving the factory, and each is assigned a unique serial number for traceability
  • Extends the lifetime of customer’s electrical systems
  • Backed by third party independent reputable test laboratories

Strikesorb 40 industrial surge suppression offers unparalleled lightning protection, protecting mission-critical applications from damage caused by lightning surges and other overvoltage events.