Valmont Site Pro1 Light Weight Antenna Mounts

Valmont Site Pro1 Light Weight Antenna Mounts

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Site Pro1 Next Generation Light Weight Wall Mounts provide a solution for mounting microwave, directional DAS or omni wireless antennas.

  • Accepts 1 up to 2⅜” mounting pipes ordered separately p:165 of catalog
  • Adjustable spacing between the clamps allows flexibility and maximum stability when mounting directional antennas
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel construction. Low cost
  • Kits include galvanized lag screws & shields for solid wall mounting. Purchase hollow wall mounting kit if required

Antenna Wall Mounts – Light Weight Mounts

Site Pro 1 Wall Mount Kits

Part# Stand Off
LWWM08 8″
LWWM12 12″
LWWM18 18″
LWWM24 24″
HWK38 Hollow Wall Mount Kit

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