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Spirent OCTOBOX scriptMachine

Manufacturer Part Number: OCTOBOX scriptMachine

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Spirent OCTOBOX scriptMachine

Improve control of the testbed, accelerate test automation development and enable synchroSniffing

Increasing complexity in Wi-Fi test management drives the need for an easier way to perform testing and to deploy test scripts across OCTOBOX testbeds. A single OCTOBOX scriptMachine allows running scripts on any testbed or on multiple testbeds at once. The scriptMachine enables customers to develop their own customized test automation sequences and comes with Python libraries and script examples.

scriptMachine comes installed with the OCTOBOX synchroSniffer® Wireshark enabling multiprobe sniffing and OFDMA captures on an OCTOBOX testbed.

  • Preconfigured for accessing one or more OCTOBOX testbeds
  • Execution environment for running test scripts
  • Includes tools for advanced packet captures
  • Test script development environment
  • Includes all the necessary Python libraries to develop test scripts on the OCTOBOX testbeds
  • Sample scripts examples to start development quickly
  • Control any OCTOBOX testbed
  • Run scripts on any testbed
  • Develop your own test automation sequences
  • Perform wireless captures in an OCTOBOX testbed

Spirent scriptMachine is required to run any OCTOBOX Wi-Fi test automation packages such as TR.398.

Spirent OCTOBOX scriptMachine Data Sheet