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Vertiv Liebert NXL 1100kVA UPS

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Vertiv High Power Liebert NXL 1100kVA UPS Provides Low-Power All-Outdoor DC Power

A key component in a Maximum Protection strategy, Liebert NXL 1100kVA UPS system from Vertiv™ utilizes the latest power protection technology to create a new level of reliability with efficiency options for data center applications. The NXL 1100kVA provides reliable power protection and advanced technology for high power applications, and offers excellent dynamic performance, with the ability to handle virtually any input condition while still providing computer grade output to critical loads.​

Maximum Protection And An Energy Efficient Design

The Vertiv High Power Liebert NXL 1100kVA UPS is a robust UPS designed to provide delivers maximum protection for your data center. The NXL 1100kVA UPS uniquely applicable to different forms of DC stored energy, such as large flooded batteries, flywheel systems and emerging high rate batteries. The Liebert NXL 1100kVA UPS also offers the highest level of operational efficiency within the Maximum Protection design platforms.

  • 480/575/600VAC input and output options
  • Listed and labeled to UL1778 fourth edition. The fourth edition is more harmonized with internationalized standards and requires testing for both safety and performance resulting in a more reliable UPS
  • Fuse-less bypass design allows fault coordination of distribution system
  • Handles a wide window of input voltage and frequency, including power from backup generators
  • Battery ground fault isolation results in normal system operation even under battery ground fault conditions — the system does not go to bypass