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Vertiv NetSure 211 DC Power System

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The Vertiv NetSure 211 DC Power System is a compact indoor DC power shelf that combines reliable rectifiers with an advanced Ethernet-accessible controller. The NetSure 211 DC Power Solution is a flexible system capable of providing DC power through the use of 500 W or 1000 W rectifiers and a variety of output distribution options. The system is available in an integrated distribution configuration and is available in both 19″ and 23″ 1 RU & 2 RU rack-mount configurations, suited for up to 6 kW power requirements in the most harsh environments.

Configurability for Space and Energy Efficiency

The NetSure 211 is designed for up to 4 kW loads (19″) or 6 kW loads (23″). This cost-effective solution is NEBS Level 3 compliant and UL Listed. Rated for continuous operation from -40°C to +75°C (see rectifier data for derating), this system is designed for the harsh outside plant environment, as well as customer premise FTTx, wireless back-haul, microwave, and DLC applications. NetSure 211 is easily integrated into any Vertiv™ outdoor enclosure when a pre-manufactured space-efficient outdoor solution is needed. The system can also be shipped loose or mounted in a relay rack with battery trays.

The NetSure 211 features and benefits:

  • vertiv-netsure-211Provides -48 volt 120 A DC power
  • Power Capacity: 0.5 – 6 kW  Current Capacity: 40 – 120 A
  • Selectable AC Input: 120 VAC, 208 to 240 VAC
  • Reduce the need for specialized cooling with rectifier high temperature operation
  • Deploy the power system where 120VAC is the only input option
  • Extremely wide AC voltage range window: 85 VAC to 300 VAC
  • Achieve energy savings with ECO mode, even at low loads
  • Have peace of mind with this UL and NEBS power system