Westell A90-GMT10-WM Fuse and Alarm Panel

Manufacturer Part Number: A90-GMT10-WM

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Westell A90-GMT10-WM GMT Fuse and Alarm Panel
Single Bus, 10P GMT Fuse Panel

The Westell A90-GMT10-WM Fuse and Alarm Panel is a single 100 amp bus with ten 15 amp GMT positions that can be wall- or rack/rail-mounted that offers full front access.

A90-GMT10-WM Specs

The A90-GMT10-WM offers some of the industry’s highest GMT amperages available in a wall or rack-mount, compact and very cost competitive package. With 15 Amp fuses in a single 100A bus, it is a perfect fit for fused DC power distribution for applications with limited space. The product comes standard with a wide operating voltage (±10 to ±58VDC, polarity insensitive), has flexible mounting options, and exceeds the requirements of both legacy and Next Generation networks.

  • Wall mount and rack mount design
  • 15 Amps output current per position
  • One bus per panel, with 10 GMT style fuses (15 Amps per GMT position with a bus maximum of 100 Amps)
  • Full front access (inputs/outputs/alarms/fuses)
  • Form C relay contacts are provided to extend alarms
  • Dual ground posts that accept a dual-hole ground lug on 5/8” centers
  • Universal voltage range (±10 to ±58VDC) offering network flexibility
  • Screw-down lugs on both the inputs (two ¼” studs) and outputs (screw terminals), increasing reliability
  • Front panel status LED
  • NEBS Level 3 and UL 60950-1
  • Order fuses separately

Please refer to Data Sheet for additional specifications.