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Westell N215118-N-L11

Manufacturer Part Number: N215118-N-L11

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Westell’s comprehensive power distribution solutions ensure reliable power to all site equipment and proper power distribution for site and equipment safety. The Westell N215100 series TPA/GMT fuse panel provides fused distribution of DC power to equipment with rear access to terminals. Both panels have a 20-year history installed in North American networks. These panels have two buses, each bus consisting of 4 TPA and 5 or 6 GMT style fuse positions. The status of each fuse position is monitored and will extend an alarm when a fuse interrupts the current.

Product Highlights

• Compatible with standard -48V dc input

• Dual bus panels (supports power redundancy)

• 5 or 6 GMT fuses per bus

• 4 TPA fuses per bus

• Normal and Alarm LEDs for Bus A and Bus B indicate power or fuse interrupt

• Form C relay contacts extend alarm conditions for each bus

• Brackets supplied for both 19″ or 23″ racks

• Offset terminal blocks with rear shield provided

• NEBS level 3 verified, with zone 4 earthquake


• Wireline

• Central office

• Co-locate

• Remote sites

• Secondary distribution