Westell N250140-N-L34 Fuse Panel

Manufacturer Part Number: N250140-N-L34

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Westell N250140-N-L34 Fuse Panel
100 Amp, Dual Bus, 20X20 15A GMT Fuse Panels, 23” only

Westell’s comprehensive power distribution solutions ensure reliable power to all site equipment and proper power distribution to guarantee site and equipment safety.

Westell’s N250140-N-L34 Fuse Panel provides fused distribution of DC power to equipment. Both panels have 40 15A GMT fuse positions.


  • 2 isolated groups (busses) of GMT fuses (15 Amps per position max.)
  • Polarity insensitive (+/-24 or +/-48 Vdc) battery voltage
  • Operates at 200 Amps of output current per panel (100 Amps per Bus)
  • Barrier terminal strips or Euroblocks for fused outputs and isolated returns (grounds)
  • Form C relay contacts are provided to extend alarms
  • One set of alarm contacts for each; Bus A, and Bus B Alarm
  • Single 1.75” mounting height (single panel space)
  • Universal mounting hardware for 23” racks, with flush and offset mounting options
  • NEBS level 3 verified, with zone 4 earthquake (N250140-N-L34 is 23” only)

Please refer to Data Sheet for additional specifications.