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Spirent Attero

High-precision network emulation

Accurate and repeatable network emulation

Spirent offers several network impairment emulation products to meet today’s testing needs. Spirent Attero-100G, Attero-Virtual, Attero, Attero-X and Attero-Lite allow you to emulate a network or a network element in an accurate and repeatable way. You can also fully stress-test the transport of real-time services like video and VoIP over next-gen IP platforms and networks. Powerful fully integrated traffic filtering targets the effect of impairments on particular packets or particular types of traffic.

Key features

  • Add latency and jitter to nanoseconds accuracy and repeatability
  • Introduce lost, mis-ordered, errored and repeated packets
  • Capture then replay real-world network profiles based on actual traffic, and create precisely-defined network profiles
  • Realistic and accurate regression, validation, proof-of-concept and customer demos
  • Field-programmable architecture protects your investment
  • Real-network problem replication for troubleshooting
  • Real-network problem replication for troubleshooting
Spirent Attero 100GAC


The Attero-100G High Speed Network Emulator lets you prove 100GbE, 40GbE and 25GbE network, device and application performance at full line rate and verify service operation against a range of impairment conditions found in real-world networks.

Attero Virtual

Spirent Attero-V is a virtual impairments tool that extends and complements the capabilities of the Spirent range of virtualization products and solutions. Attero-V is run and controlled as a Virtual Machine (VM).

Spirent Attero Virtual


Capture and replay real-world network profiles for absolute proof of performance. It’s just like testing your Ethernet devices or topology in an actual network, except in the lab. Emulate networks or network elements in an accurate and repeatable way to fully stress-test the transport of real-time next-gen services like video and VoIP.

What to test

Data Center

Data center and
enterprise systems

Test data center relocation or enterprise network expansion under real-network conditions such as latency, jitter and packet loss to prove performance before deployment.

QoE Triple Play

QoE for
triple-play services

The Attero family of products provide accurate and repeatable impairments to verify the Quality of Experience of loss and latency sensitive triple-play services.

QoS SLA verification

QoS and
SLA Verification

Check that network QoS mechanisms correctly prioritize traffic types. Determine the optimum service level parameters to ensure apps perform to expected level.

satellite linking

Satellite Link Testing

Emulate impairments to fully stress test the long delays and fading effects found in satellite networks

Virtualized Networks

Virtualized networks & services

Benchmark and optimize the performance of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and end-to-end virtualized applications under real-world impairment conditions.

Carrier Network

Carrier network equipment

Perform negative testing on network infrastructure equipment during NEM design or in a carrier network lab environment.

Spirent TestCenter Automation


By removing the repetitiveness of standard tests, developers and testers are able to focus on new functionality while still providing coverage of existing features. Spirent’s automation solutions are designed around best practices so once a test is created it can be reused saving time in automating future tests.

TCP Latency

TCP latency and throughput

What is TCP Latency and throughput and why is it important to measure these? Your customers demand the speed and accuracy they have paid for. If you see degradation in the network, it is important to understand why it is happening so that adjustments can be made. With today’s high demand for video and as a result, bandwidth consumption, simulating network delays is essential to validating SLAs.

Spirent Attero

Emulate networks or network elements in an accurate and repeatable way to fully stress-test the transport of real-time next-gen services like video and VoIP

Spirent Attero Virtual

A virtual impairments tool used to verify and validate SDN and NFV deployments under real-world network conditions

Spirent Attero 100G

A high-speed network emulator used to emulate propagation, routing, switching and buffering delays by up to 256 ms at 100G, 640 ms at 40G, and 1024 ms at 25G