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Spirent TestCenter Automation

Automate your test environment

Increase the efficiency of your testing

Whether you are developing scripts in Tcl, Perl, or Python for a complex regression environment, or focusing on script re-use and portability across platforms and teams, or simply wanting to speed up some repetitive manual tasks without programming, Spirent TestCenter offers multiple ways to automate in a diverse array of environments. If you have chosen a Spirent Automation product such as iTest, Velocity, or TTworkbench to automate and orchestrate your lab, then Spirent TestCenter also provides integrations for each of these products.

Spirent REST API Support

REST API support

Control Spirent TestCenter in virtual environments easily from a network management system or web application, or make your automation independent of language, operating system, or underlying hardware.

High-level API (HLTAPI) support

For scripting customers where efficiency and re-use across teams and platforms is key, Spirent TestCenter scripts can also be written with a higher-level API, or HLTAPI, which provides a simplified and consistent scripting paradigm. Available for Tcl, Perl and Python.

Spirent HLTAPI
Spirent TestCenter Native API Support

Native API support

For more challenging test applications such as system or regression test, its native API exposes Spirent TestCenter’s full power and flexibility. Available in C, C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl, on multiple OSs.

Command sequencer automation

For simple automation tasks, Spirent TestCenter’s graphical user interface (GUI) includes a powerful command sequencer feature which lets you easily enter or record sequence of steps in your test case — no scripting or programming required.

Spirent Virtual LabServer

Dynamic multi-user environment

Spirent Virtual LabServer allows for dynamic scalability as testbeds and regression environments grow. By deploying multiple instances of Virtual LabServer, the number of parallel test sessions can be increased dynamically. It also enables collaboration by allowing multiple users to connect to the same live test and facilitate debugging.

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Spirent Velocity

A complete and automated LaaS solution

Use Spirent Velocity to manage your lab inventory, set schedules, and execute tests.

Velocity cuts both capital and operating expenses via maximized equipment utilization, reduced test bed setup time, actionable management information, and minimized power consumption.

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