Spirent Temeva

SaaS solutions for network and cloud testing

Test. Measure. Validate.

Introducing Spirent Temeva, a revolutionary new platform, providing convenient access to all your network and cloud testing needs. It is hosted and managed in the cloud so the web application can be easily managed from anywhere, with any device. With Temeva, you can configure a test, measure, analyze, and share valuable test metrics across teams for improved productivity and user experience.

Enterprise-ready testing suite

Convenient access

Access all your network and cloud testing solutions from a web-based portal on any device, anywhere.

Easy Management

Spirent data test
Collaborate and share test metrics across all your teams for improved productivity and user experience.

Secure Repository

data sessions

Save test configurations and reports in the cloud for easy sharing and viewing from a secure repository.

Spirent easy config

Spirent TrafficCenter

Network testing made easy. All the tools needed for network traffic flow validation and diagnosis delivered in a simple, easy-to-use web application for Enterprise users.

Spirent MethodologyCenter

Quickly configure and run scenario-based testing with Spirent MethodologyCenter web application. Get your network answers faster, without requiring expert knowledge of the underlying test tool.
Spirent MethodologyCenter
Spirent CloudSure

Spirent CloudSure

Achieve virtual and cloud readiness by making virtualized applications predictable and reliable in the cloud with this smart application. Validate the performance, capacity, and reliability of your cloud’s NFV infrastructure, VIM and MANO functions, as well as CNFs, VNFs and network service chains.