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Vision E1S

Visibility and monitoring for the edgeless enterprise

Key features

The demand for edge visibility

As the Internet of Things, 5G, cloud, and edge computing architectures expand networking environments, the demand for edge visibility is skyrocketing. While these technologies allow for a greater distribution of computing and communicating devices, they pose significant challenges such as latency, security, and distributed network performance management.
Ixia’s edge visibility solutions solve these issues by offering dedicated resources for packet processing and network performance monitoring at the edge.
Our solutions combine packet and flow collection so that legacy monitoring and security tools can be deployed in a distributed architecture. Network performance monitoring and analytics are carried out at the edge — so your branch sites can detect and troubleshoot problems easily.
Ixia-edge computing min


Packet, flow, and active performance monitoring in one rack unit

Vision E1S introduces an added level of visibility into your network. It is capable of both synthetic monitoring via traffic simulation and advanced network packet broker data processing, allowing your branch sites to do more independently.
Vision E1S is the only network packet broker in the Vision Portfolio that comes pre-installed with Hawkeye network performance monitoring capabilities in addition to Ixia’s visibility intelligence features — PacketStack, NetStack, and AppStack.
To top it off, Vision E1S is Ixia’s most affordable packet broker available. It delivers visibility and performance monitoring to your remote sites without affecting your wallet.

Hawke eye

Active performance monitoring for your remote sites

Ixia’s Hawkeye is a synthetic monitoring platform that allows you to automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience of your customers. Your Vision E1S system acts as a Hawkeye endpoint, generating traffic and sending it across various hardware, software, and cloud-based endpoints.
You can proactively probe your network for vulnerabilities and compare metrics to predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) all while getting a detailed look at what your users are experiencing in real- time.
To find out more about the types of network performance tests, built-in KPIs, and other available endpoints, visit the Hawkeye web page.

Real time dashboard

Vision E1S is configured and controlled via the Hawkeye web-based platform. From the platform, you have access to:
Ixia-RT Dashboard

Edge visibility architecture

Ixia-E1S Diagram_Vision

Designed for your branch offices and remote sites

No matter your data center configuration, Vision Edge network packet brokers ensure the right data always gets to the right tools.

Visibility intelligence

Stack up Ixia’s leading visibility intelligence features to optimize your traffic analysis and security tool performance. Used with a network packet broker, virtual or cloud platform, the extensive set of intelligent features allows you to modify, mold, and transport traffic specific to tool needs. Each feature is executed with a purpose-built design to ensure you get the best performance whether in a physical data center or the cloud. To learn more, click on each stack.


Robust filtering, aggregation, replication, and more

Three stages of filtering (ingress, dynamic, and egress)
Dynamic filter compiler
Priority based filtering
Source port labeling (VLAN tagging & untagging)
Aggregation & replication Load balancing Double your Ports- DyP (Simplex)


Intelligent packet filtering, manipulation, and transport
Header (protocol) stripping
Packet trimming
Data masking
GRE tunneling
SecureStack capabilities are not available for this network packet broker or
this platform at this time — visit the page to learn more.


Optimized handling for secure traffic
Active SSL
Passive SSL decryption
Threat insights
Data masking +

Related resources

AppStack capabilities are not available for this network packet broker or
this platform at this time — visit the page to learn more.


Context-aware, signature-based application layer filtering
Application identification
Geolocation & tagging
Optional RegEx filtering
IxFlow (NetFlow + metadata)
Packet capture
ATI subscription
Real-time dashboard


Visibility intelligence tailored for the mobile carrier evolved packet core
GTP load balancing
TradeStack capabilities are not available for this network packet broker or
this platform at this time — visit the page to learn more.


Marked data feed monitoring
Gap detection
Feed and channel health
High-resolution traffic statistics
Microburst detection
Subscription for feed updates
Simplified feed management