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Spirent OCTOBOX Pal-6E Testbed

Manufacturer Part Number: OCTOBOX Pal-6E

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Spirent OCTOBOX Pal-6E Testbed
OCTOBOX chamber with built-in Pal-6

Browser-based UI and a complete API for test automation

The OCTOBOX STACK series is a variety of a small stackable anechoic test beds used for testing wireless devices & systems. They isolate the devices under test from outside interference and create a stable environment for achieving repeatable throughput and other test measurements. The OCTOBOX testbeds come fully integrated with a built-in turntable, multipath emulator, interference generator, internal antennas, and programmable RF attenuators, and arrive ready to test MIMO throughput, roaming, and other wireless performance characteristics. The OCTOBOX series enables service providers, device manufacturers, and chipset vendors to optimize wireless service reliability and capacity thanks to the ease and speed of automated repeatable testing. It is available in four standard configurations and can be customized based on individual needs.

Pal-6E features four 802.11ax radios. The two 5 GHz radios support up to 8×8 MIMO in channels of up to 80 MHz, or 4×4 MIMO in 80+80 or 160 MHz channels. The single 6 GHz radio support up to 4×4 MIMO channels of up to 160 MHz in 6 GHz band. Pal-6E features two 10 GbE ports, one for traffic and the other for streaming plot statistics and PCAP captures.

  • 802.11ax up to 8×8 MIMO-OTA transmission
  • 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax radios
  • Pal-6E and STApal-6E support 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E
  • palBox-6E with up to 16 OFDMA STAs and 576 vSTAs; radios configurable for sniffing
  • OCTOBOX Wireshark synchroSniffer™ with sniffer probes on 4 Pal-6E and 16 STApal-6E radios
  • SmartBox and smartBox-STA housing real devices with integrated Pal instruments
  • multiperf® multi-point to multipoint traffic with managed traffic endpoints
  • Complete isolation from outside interference
  • REST API for test automation Benefits
  • Verify 6GHz using the Pal-6E
  • Quickly and easily verify emerging 802.11ax and legacy Wi-Fi devices in the ideal MIMO-OTA environment that supports MU-MIMO
  • Use multipoint-multipoint traffic while automatically recovering from dropped links during long test sequences
  • Test OFDMA and MU-MIMO simultaneously using a compact OCTOBOX personal testbed
  • Use one or more palBoxes to scale to dozens of OFDMA stations in the testbed
  • Use a smartBox to combine off-the- shelf devices with the built-in Pals
  • Perform root cause analysis of issues using built-in multi-probe synchroSniffing

Spirent OCTOBOX Pal-6E Testbed: Wi-Fi 6E and legacy Wi-Fi Qualcomm Hawkeye chipset QCN5054/ QCN5024 + Pine.

OCTOBOX testbeds are compact, stackable testing environments for evaluating the performance of Wi-Fi and 5G network equipment and devices. Choose from pre-configured, turnkey options such as STACK-MIN, STACK-MID, or STACK-MAX, or build your own testbed by selecting from our building blocks.